Monday, 22 January 2018

Should vegans date non-vegans?

It’s a topic that seems to be pretty hot on Twitter at the time of me writing this, with people arguing whether or not vegans should date or be in relationships with people who aren’t vegan themselves.

Monday, 15 January 2018

A Trip To Frankfurt, Germany

Finally I've ticked Germany off my travel bucket-list - and I'm definitely going back again asap.
Warning: This post is very picture heavy.

Those close to me will be aware of how much I’ve wanted to visit Germany for the last few years, I’m not sure what it is that draws me to the country so much, but there’s definitely something about it. So, near the start of last year when my friend Faye and I were discussing where to go for a little trip away, we settled on visiting Frankfurt in December.

After a battle with a ticket machine that didn’t allow us to translate it into English and forced me to try and make sense of it with limited knowledge of the German language, we made it to the centre of Frankfurt. Following a short wander around, we headed to Dean & David for a quick lunch where I had the grilled vegan sandwich – it was really good and exactly what I needed after a morning of travelling. Once we finished our food, we braved the cold all over again and ended up crossing the river on the Frankfurt Brooklyn Bridge. The views of the river were beautiful and the sun peeking through the clouds made it even better.

Saturday: Saturday morning saw us take a short walk from our hotel to Palmengarten, one of two botanical gardens in Frankfurt. We didn’t quite think things through because 1. It was freezing cold and 2. A lot of the plants weren’t about due to it being winter n’all. Luckily there was a huge array of plants indoors and we spent a good two hours there. We had planned to take a trip to the top of Main Tower, but an overcast sky and huge queue saw us decide against it. Instead, we grabbed a coffee from Starbucks to warm our hands and took a stroll to the famous Frankfurt Christmas Market, which was of course incredible. A few hours later and we were starving, but lucky Faye had done a bit of googling and found The Fox and Hound, a pub not far away from us that served just what we needed – an English breakfast. They happily veganised the veggie breakfast for me, we had a portion of chips to share and treated ourselves to a couple of bottles of cider as well.

Sunday: On our second to last day in the city, we woke up to snow falling pretty heavily which only made the city look even prettier. Our walk to the Senckenberg Naturmuseum was prolonged due to numerous photos being taken, and of course having to walk a little slower as to not slip over. The museum was really interesting with everything from dinosaurs and the evolution of humans to space and volcano displays. After another visit to Starbucks for a coffee and to defrost, we went back to the Christmas market that turned out to be even more magical at night. A quick look in St.Bartholomew's Catherdral and we decided to call it a night, knowing we had a long walk back to our hotel to make in the snow.

Monday: With our flight not until 4:30pm (or so we thought, it ended up being delayed by over an hour), we spent a couple hours chatting over coffee and a sandwich before having one final walk around the city centre and then making the journey to the airport. Despite the delay and never being happier to get home and take my bag off my back, I had a great time in Frankfurt and I'm definitely going to be going back to Germany whenever I can.

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