Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Trip To Salou, Spain

I've been utterly terrible with blogging recently, but for the last week of silence I have a very good reason, I've been on holiday! Last Wednesday, my three best friends and I set off to Salou for a week in the sun and what was my first proper holiday abroad.

We arrived late Wednesday evening to H-Top Milinos Park, so quickly checked in, threw the bags into our rooms and went down to the bar to catch as much of the all inclusive drinks that we could before midnight. The next morning we headed up to the roof terrace. It was perfect, with three jacuzzis and sun loungers, we spent a lot of our time there throughout the holiday, basking in the sun and sipping cocktails.

We managed to do a lot considering we were only there for a week and thankfully the week didn't fly by either. We visited three of Salous beaches, all of which were gorgeous and I swan in the sea for the first time ever.

We went into Salou town centre a few times for shopping and food, and a couple of other times for nights out, as well as Tarragona which is a city just a short bus drive away.

Monday consisted of a trip to Port Aventura Aquatic Park, something we didn't really think through when booking. As I'm scared of heights and one of my friends doesn't like water rides, it probably wasn't the best place for us to go,  nevertheless, we both managed to go on two of the rides there and ended up having a really good day.

One of my concerns for the holiday was the food situation, luckily the hotel offered enough of a range that I was always able to find something to eat. With the choice of chips, salad, bread, plain pasta and veg, it did get slightly boring half way through the week, but I wasn't expecting much more. On the last night, we visited Temple Bar and they were brilliant at catering for me. After a quick talk with the chef there, he made me a stuffed pepper with a tomato sauce and home-made chips (I realise I chose to have yet more chips, but they were to die for!)

Our last day was spent soaking up as much of the sun as we could and taking advantage of the last hours of all-inclusive, it's safe to say we were sad to leave and we've already started discussing where to go next year!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time :) I always have that food probably abroad too, sometimes being a vegetarian can feel awkward haha.

    1. Definitely, the waitresses at the pub I ate at didn't even know what vegan was and when I explained, their responses were 'why?' I feel so awkward haha x