Friday, 15 August 2014

A Trip To Mayo, Ireland

Having grown up in the UK’s second biggest city, Birmingham, my annual holiday to Mayo, Ireland is a world away.

I first visited Ireland when I was just three months old, staying with family in their little cottage and just a few years later, my parents decided they wanted their own little part of Ireland and bought a three bedroom cottage there. Each year we make the twelve hour trip to our little haven in the country, driving to Holyhead, Wales, getting a boat across the Irish Sea and then driving the width of Ireland from Dublin to Mayo.

Birmingham is always noisy, busy and everything you could ever need is just a five minute walk up the road. In Mayo, it’s drastically different. The closest shop is in a little village over an hour walk away, you rarely see a car drive past; it’s much more likely to be a tractor, if anything and all you can hear are cows and crickets. Our cottage is basic, no internet, no television and no heating, warming the house instead with an open fire, but that is just how it should be.

This year, my brother drove his girlfriend, my sister and I over to meet up with our parents who went over the week before. When we arrived at our house I was absolutely chuffed to see a flock of sheep and three calves in the field next to us. Cows are one of my favourite animals and these three were gorgeous and quite confident, letting us feed and stroke them.

Being such a small place, there isn’t a lot to do, but as we always do, we drove to the seaside city Galway to visit my two great aunts, spent time at my Granddads cottage; the house he was born in and the only cottage left standing in the area, had a few trips to the local pub, the small highstreet and went on long walks around the countryside taking in the gorgeous views. 

Being in the countryside isn’t for everyone and I have to admit, the few times I managed to get Wi-Fi in the pub, I straight on my phone checking Twitter and Instagram, but what I love about Ireland is that it’s totally different to Birmingham and a complete break from pretty much everything that’s going on in the world. I always feel so relaxed there and although I don’t think I could live that far away from civilisation permanently, it’s lovely to get away for a week a year and I hope that I'll be able to continue to do so for as long as possible.

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