Friday, 14 November 2014

One Year Veganniversary

Sunday marked one year since I decided to go vegan and it's a year that has flown by. 
I celebrated the occasion by buying my housemates and I lots of biscuits to munch on. They ended up being my breakfast and lunch and while not the healthiest choice, at least it shows vegan food isn't just the stereotypical salad. For a little more in depth post about why I'm vegan click here, but I'll just write a little summary here.

I am a huge animal lover and have always claimed to be, however it was two years ago I realised that I was a complete hypocrite for saying that while still consuming meat. I went vegetarian in January 2012 and it was in the following November I went vegan. I actually felt like a hypocrite being vegetarian as well, as although removing meat from my diet was a huge step in the right direction, it didn't remove all cruelty from my life. The dairy industry is a disgusting one to say the least, as is animal testing and I didn't want to be a part of them any longer.

So here I am, one year later, completely happy with the decision I made.
 People always ask me if it's difficult being vegan and to be totally honest, it's not. Sure it gets a bit annoying when I go out to eat and end up having to eat a dry salad and chips, but my tastebuds are no where near as important as the life of an innocent animal. There are so many alternatives for meat and dairy that providing you do a little research and try out a few recipes, there is no reason why you can't still eat your favourite meals. Brands are becoming a lot more concious of the demand for vegan friendly products that they're are so much easier to find and cheaper than you'd think. Superdrug, Sainsburys and Co-op are brilliant at labelling their vegan items, totally affordable and all over the place, so I'm sure you're not too far away from one.

I'm not preaching and telling everyone they have to go vegan, however I would love it if this post and my blog in general inspired people to take at least a step in the direction, whether that be cruelty free products and/or vegetarianism.

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