Thursday, 22 January 2015

Money Saving Tips

After all the joy of Christmas, often January is a time when people look at their finances and realise they may have been a little too carefree with their spending. Well I know that's the case for me anyway, so I've put together a few tips that can help you save some money, ones which I'm following myself.

I'm living off a student loan and like many students I'm sure, I ended up in my overdraft at the end of last term, meaning I started this term with less money than usual. This is of course a bit of a inconvenience, but it's happened and there is nothing I can do about it, just learn from it. I'm refusing to be back into my overdraft before my final loan comes in, so I've set myself a weekly budget.
Taking away rent and bill costs from my bank balance, I then divided it by how many weeks I have left until my next loan and the result is now my weekly budget. It isn't a lot, but it's enough to live off.

Cut back on non-essentials
As I'm sure many bloggers will agree, seeing wishlists and product reviews everyday doesn't help when you're trying to save money, because you can't help but believe you need that coat, or bag, but you have to stay strong, don't give into temptation. The same goes for little things you wouldn't usually think of, like buying a coffee on the way to work/uni, or grabbing lunch from a probably overpriced shop. Why not make a coffee and put it in a travel mug and make yourself up a lunch before you leave the house? You'll save more than you think. I very rarely buy drinks when I'm out, because if I bought tea as much as I wanted, I'd be spending a ridiculous amount!

Choose purse friendly optionsThere is no need to stop spending completely, but spent more wisely. Do your weekly shop in a low-price supermarket, look out for deals on essentials and if you need that caffeine fix, buy a small coffee rather than medium.

Sell things you no longer need/use
When I came back to University, I realised that the majority of the clothes I'd left here over the holidays, I was never going to wear again. Either they no longer fit, or just aren't my style anymore, so why keep them? I've started putting a few of the items on ebay, which you can find here, with more going up in the next few days. Not only does selling things clear out space in your house, it will earn you a bit of money and allows someone else to get an item at a good price. Everybody wins.

Do you have any useful tips for saving money?


  1. I think I am gonna set myself a weekly budget as well. Currently not a student by it's worth it!
    Hareem x

  2. I'm planning on doing a spending ban! I need to ordering stuff online, it's too simple haha >.<
    Great post, as always x

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  4. Great tips, I am desperately needing to save. I think I am going to set myself a weekly budget so I don't over spend.

    Bethan Likes