Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Music Lately #3: Sia, Jamie T, UB40

A quick round up of the albums I've been listening to lately, probably a little too much.

Sia - 1000 Forms Of Fear
I first heard of Sia through her collaboration with David Guetta on Titanium and hadn't thought much since, until I heard Elastic Heart. Well, I first saw people tweeting about the video and of course had to see what all the fuss was about. I decided to give her album a listen after that and although it's not the style of music I would typically listen too, I really love the whole album. My favourite songs are: Chandelier, Burn The Pages and Hostage.

Jamie T- Carry On The Grudge
I had been waiting for Jamie T to release a new record for what felt like forever. Kings & Queens, his second album, is what made me fall in love with his music and his debut album Panic Prevention only cemented that love. With any artist or band, if you are a huge fan, there is always that fear that they will release something you don't like, but that definitely wasn't the case for Carry On The Grudge. After hearing the two singles released, Don't You Find and Zombie, I loved how different they were and couldn't wait to hear what else he had to offer. Carry On The Grudge has been my go to album for quite a while now, it's great to listen to while I'm working, but is varied enough that I can also belt out a few songs and dance around to them. In private of course. 

The Very Best of UB40A bit of a odd choice here, but it's a classic. UB40 are one of those bands that pretty much everyone will know a handful of songs by without even realising it. I haven't listened to UB40 much in the past, apart from the odd song at a family party, however recently my sister has been playing them a lot and I'm not sure why, but their music just makes me really happy. As cheesy as that sounds. My favourite songs being: Kingston Town, I Can't Help Falling In Love With You and Come Back Darling.

What have you been listening too lately?

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