Thursday, 30 April 2015

elf Moisturising Lipstick | Red Carpet

Red has infiltrated my lipstick collection and maybe even taken over my love for pink?

First I just need to point out that the above photo does not do the lipstick colour justice, it's actually a much more vibrant colour and a lot more red than it appears. Shame about the bad lighting in my room aye. Also, please excuse the toothy smile, I rarely smile showing my teeth and I'm trying to become more comfortable doing so.

Back to the lipstick, I bought this along with a few other colours during elf's recent sale. I'm absolutely gutted they're no longer selling in the UK, they were my go-to brand for affordable, good quality make-up.

This lipstick has a slightly sheer finish, which I like because while I prefer a matte finish, sometimes it can appear a bit to dry, so this is a good in between.  It's applies smoothly and has a subtle, pleasant scent. I'd try to describe the scent, but I am useless when it comes to smells.

In terms of how long it lasts, it's not amazing. I do have to reapply it every 4-6 hours, but considering the price, that's to be expected. This colour has become one of my favourites and I'm generally loving red lipstick at the moment.

What are your favourite colours for Spring/Summer?

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