Thursday, 9 April 2015

Pretty Please #35

Why is it that whenever I have no money to spare, the shops are filled with the most amazing items, yet when I actually have money, I see nothing I want to spend it on? It's infuriating. Well I'm currently in the former situation, so this wishlist was very easy to create of course.

Topshop Joni Jeans - I don't currently own any blue jeans and practically live in my black Joni jeans, so I could really do with a pair and I know they'll fit great and be comfortable.

ASOS Ankle Boots - Black boots feature on far too many of my wishlists, but when I don't wear anything but them, I need a good array to chose from.

H&M Handbag -  I always go for black handbags, but this light grey one caught my eye, as well as the powder pink one, I reckon either would be a good purchase for the summer months.

Boohoo Paisley Dress / New Look Houndstooth Dress - Talking of the summer, I keep looking for dresses to buy, the New Look and Boohoo dresses are just two of many that I want.

 Lush Vanillary Perfume - I'm not huge on the whole perfume thing, I've never actually bought myself one, it's always a birthday/xmas present. The Vanilla scent of this one is tempting and the bottle design reminds me of old perfume bottles my nan used to have.

Fossil Cecile Watch - I have a thing for watches, I've had gold, rose gold, but never silver. This one is out of my price range, but a girl can dream aye?

Make Up Revolution Brush Set - I could really do with some new make up brushes and this set is so affordable. I've tried a few products from Make Up Revolution and haven't been disappointed, so I'll have to get this set soon.

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  1. I am in the same situation money wise and there are so many nice things in the shops! I love the Lush Vanillary perfume it smells amazing!

    Bethan Likes