Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Warehouse Cafe, Birmingham

A couple of weeks ago, my recently turned vegetarian SO and I wanted to go out for dinner. Having been to The Warehouse Cafe once before, I knew exactly where we should go.

Hidden away on Allison Street in the city centre, The Warehouse Cafe is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant set in a converted warehouse, as the name would suggest. You can pop in for a quick lunch or you can go all out and have a three course meal, which is what we did.

To start, I had the Corn and Aubergine Fritters, which come with a side salad topped with popcorn. I've never really eaten Aubergine much before, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed these. The popcorn was a bit unusual, I wouldn't have ever thought of putting it in a salad, but it added a nice bit of texture.

Spring Onion and Sweet Potato Soup was the special of the day. My SO, in his own words said it was 'amazing'. It had a chilli kick and came with a selection of breads. I tried it as well and despite not being a huge fan of soup, I thought it was really good.

There is a selection of five burgers to choose from on the menu, all of which come with chunky wedges and a salad. I went for the Smokey BBQ burger, that came with pineapple and cheese. Pineapple may sound a little odd, but it works so well. You can't go far wrong with wedges and salad and both were lovely.

My SO had the Mexicana burger which comes with tomato salsa, cheese, jalapeƱos and home-made nachos. As one of his first vegetarian burgers that he hasn't cooked at home, he enjoyed it a lot more than he anticipated. It was well seasoned and the toppings made it for him.

Moving onto dessert, I opted for the Apple and Pear Crumble and custard and it was like a little bit of heaven on a plate, or slate in this instance. I've been craving crumble ever since this, I'm going to have to make some soon enough.

We also got the Vegan Chocolate Brownie, which I was quite excited to try as it  had been recommended by a friend. My SO wasn't a huge fan of the cherry sauce, as it was a bit sweet for his liking, but the brownie and ice cream were perfect. I'm don't usually like cherry and chocolate, but for me it worked quite well and I really enjoyed it.

As you can probably tell, we both really enjoyed the food at The Warehouse Cafe. Along with great food, which is fresh,organic and fair-trade when possible,  the servers were lovely and the restaurant had a relaxed atmosphere. I'll no doubt be back there again very soon and I couldn't recommend it more.

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