Thursday, 7 May 2015

Dissertation Hand In

90 pages of work later, my dissertation has finally been handed in. My apologies for the cheesy photos.

While it has been a lot of work, I have enjoyed writing my dissertation and the pride you feel when you have a big wad of paper, that is all professionally bound at the end of it is ridiculous. My study was about the contemporary motivations behind and attitudes towards body modification. A subject I have been interested in since I got my first 'non-lobe' ear piercing at the age of fourteen. Quite different to my original topic idea which was going to be about the use of skins and furs in the fashion industry.That was quickly scrapped after I watched one video on the subject and ended up in tears. I couldn't put myself through a year of that. 

So, my dissertation is finally out of my hands. At 8:30 on Tuesday morning, my friend Faye and I were in the library making sure we had everything included before taking our work to be bound and then finally hand it in. We are both so relived to have finished it. 

Only two more deadlines to go and we're completely done with our third and final year of university. 

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