Friday, 11 September 2015

Food Friday #2

This weeks Food Friday is a bit of a lazy one, but some days I just can't be bothered and/or I need to do some food shopping!

Like last weeks post, I had overnight oats with soya milk, cinnamon and mixed seeds. As I had to no fresh fruit in the house to use as a topping, I went for mixed nuts and seeds. I know people can be wary of nuts due to their fat content, but they're packed with a good fats and there is no harm done if you have a small portion of them.

The classic student/can't be bothered to cook meal. Beans on wholemeal toast, with a sprinkle of nutritional. While it is a very simple meal, it's great for you as beans are full of protein and fibre.

A meal that took a little bit more effort, but not a whole lot was this. Falafel, couscous, salad, pitta bread and a bit of mange tout added in there because my mother had cooked dinner for the rest of my family and had made too much. This is a such a simple meal to make really. I used a Falafel packet mix, in which you add water an then shallow fry the falafel and I was planning on making my own couscous, but there was a pack of it in the fridge so I just had some of that instead.

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  1. Everything looks so good! I've only recently tried falafel and its delicious!!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. I adore Falafel, probably one of my favourite foods :) x