Thursday, 17 March 2016

10 Facts About Me

I've been inspired by post from a few different bloggers to do a 'facts about me' of my own, so here you go!

- My ideal job would be something that involves working with animals, or at least for animal rights.

- I like routine and having a plan. Not that I want to be doing the same thing every day, but I like to know what I'm doing and when.

- Other that my gorgeous Cat and Dog, my favourite animals are Cows.

- I love Game of Thrones (come on April 24th!) and Sherlock.

- My drink of choice is Rum and Coke.

- I have my tea strong, with no sugar and sweetened soya milk.

- Frightened Rabbit have been my favourite band for years and I have a tattoo of their band logo.

- I have two tattoos, but I'm planning on getting one removed.

- 90% of the time, I'm wearing black jeans and boots.

- I'm really tidy, but a bit of a hoarder.

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1 comment:

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