Friday, 20 May 2016

Food Friday #9

It's certainly been a while since I did a Food Friday post, I haven't posted one since last October actually. I'm going to be honest and say that these meals aren't all from one week. I wasn't planning on doing this post today, but when I decided I wanted to do one, I just grabbed some photos from Instagram and put them all together.

This is my 'fry up' that isn't really a fry up, the only things from this breakfast that is fried are the Mushrooms. These types of breakfasts tend to come with the idea that they're unhealthy and while there are healthier options around, using the oven rather than the hob makes a massive difference. The only added oil in this is a small amount used for the Mushrooms.

This is one of my favourite meals. Falafel, couscous, roasted veg and hummus. I also added some salad as well for an extra bit of goodness. It's such an easy meal to make and great if you haven't got a lot of time, so it's definitely become one of my 'go-to' meals.

I posted this meal on my Instagram just last night, it was a quick dinner after I got home from work. It's a Nut Cutlet, with Avocado and Tomato on a cob, with salad and baby corn. I used the baby corn as a replacement for the usual chips and it felt much healthier, but still filled me up.

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  1. I really like the falafel meal. I like to make similar one every now and then, or sometimes with pita bread to add some carbs to it, yummy! And I am completely obsessed with hummus and could eat it at every meal!! :D


    1. I usually have pita bread with it, but sadly I didn't have any :( x