Tuesday, 24 May 2016


As England's second city, there is always something going on in Birmingham, but I really don't take advantage of it like I should.

Well I've decided I'm changing that. On Sunday morning, as my OH lay next to me still asleep, I was browsing through Twitter  and stumbled across a Tweet from The Vegan Grindhouse. There was a Veggie/Vegan street food thing going on in Kings Heath starting at 12. I immediately decided that that was what we were doing with our day, we hadn't got anything else planned, so why not? The weather was pretty nice, although a little cloudy out, but nothing too bad. So when my OH finally woke up, I let him know we were going out and off we went.

It was nothing massive, I'd say about 10 different stalls, but enough to be able to have a little mooch around and grab some good food. There was also someone playing guitar and singing which added to the atmosphere. The stalls there included The Vegan Grindhouse, The Happy Gut Hut, a fruit and veg stall and The Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery.

We had a quick look around and went to order food from The Vegan Grindhouse. There was 50 minute wait on food, which although it wasn't ideal, it was nice to see that they were really popular. We ordered anyway, I got the original burger with cheese and a side of coldslaw, my OH got the Mexican burger with a side of bbq beans and we ordered some nachos to share. While waiting, we ended up getting some sweet treats, I got chocolate cake and my OH got a peanut/rice krispie/chocolate slice, both were really nice. I also got a drink from The Happy Gut Hut, I can't remember the exact flavour, but I know it had chilli in it and my OH got a couple of beers from The Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery.

We got our food quicker than we expected and sat on the grass to tuck in. Typically, the heavens opened not long after we sat down but we refused to move and instead sat under my umbrella and ate our food. It was quite cosy actually, although a little wet and cold. I couldn't finish my food sadly, having chocolate cake beforehand probably wasn't the best idea. It was really good though, as it always is from TVG and my OH was happy to finish it off.

I couldn't leave without picking up a few things, so I got a pack of incense and a mug that says 'Vegan Coffee', which you may be able to spot it in one of the above pictures. 

We both had a really nice afternoon, despite the rain. It was a nice way to end the weekend and I love being able to support vegan businesses. Definitely check out the companies I've linked above and look out for if they're ever at an event near you.

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