Monday, 18 July 2016

Vegan Life Magazine | July/August '16

Yesterday in the UK, the weather finally delivered. It was the summers day we had been waiting for for the last few months. The sun was out, there were few clouds in the sky and not a hint of rain. The perfect day to lay out in the garden and read Vegan Life. 

The issue could not have been more appropriate with BBQ recipes and ideas, drinks and desserts. Sadly, I didn't have a BBQ yesterday, but I did cook a Linda McCartney burger, put it on a paper plate and eat it outside - so I guess it is kind of like I had one? Or maybe not.
Vegan Life is always filled with wonderful recipes that will make your mouth water. From the Warm Balsamic Potato Salad that would be a great addition to any outside eating situation to the Lentil Tacos if you're not in the mood for burgers and sausages and fancy mixing things up a little bit. They have savoury meals sorted.  And when you're almost too stuffed to eat another bite, but of course some how still have room for dessert, there is Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream and Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl, along with others, that you will need in your life, like I do too. I'm going to be dreaming about peanut butter desserts tonight, I know that for sure.

When you're done stuffing you face, relax and take a little time to read some of the incredible articles in the July/August issue. I always love reading 'Dear FGV' - Vegan Life's agony uncle answers all kinds of questions relating to veganism and it's really interesting to hear his view on things. 'And they ate happily ever after' would be a great read for anyone who is thinking of entering the world of parenthood, just FYI. 

Overall, another great issue and if the weather continues to be as glorious as it has been and you're planning on making the most of it and having a bbq, this issue will be a lifesaver.

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