Monday, 15 August 2016

A Trip To Mayo, Ireland

Travelling back to rural western Ireland for a long weekend that just wasn't long enough.

This year I flew over to Ireland to meet my parents who were already over there, and to be joined by my sisters, my sister’s partner and my nephew later in the week. It had been a couple years since I was last in Ireland so I was particularly looking forward to this trip.

We didn't do anything different to what we usually go when we go over there to be honest, it's such a small, rural area that there isn't all that much to do. We went to Galway to visit my two great aunts and do a bit of shopping. I even saw a restaurant that had vegan options! (The falafel was sold out and the other two options weren't very appetising, so I ended up getting a subway, but even so - it's progress).

Other than the trip to Galway, I did a five mile walk around the area in which our house is located. It wasn't meant to be five miles, but we got a little lost so it ended up having to be that long. Visiting Derrylahan where my Granddad is from, we did the scenic walk around there on one of the days - it was possibly the worst day weather-wise to do it, but regardless of that, it was actually quite a nice walk. 

There was also a few trips to the pub, drinks in the house, a game of monopoly and we ended up having a visitor in the garden for a week. The family who live in the next house often let their horse, Misty, have a roam around our garden throughout the year when we’re not there. (Fresh grass for her and less gardening for us). This year she came to stay with us for the week and I'm pretty sure she loved all the fuss, attention and carrots she received.

I've been visiting Mayo, Ireland ever since I was a baby, it is home as well as a holiday. A holiday that ended too quickly for my liking and before I knew it, we were back on the plane heading over to England.

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  1. It's so great to have a place which you can call a home and a holiday! I loved all the animals in these pics, looks like such a peaceful trip! :)


    1. The animals were the best part of the holiday! x

  2. Ah your holiday sounds really lovely, and it’s nice to spend time with family. I love horses, the one you were looking after is adorable. Going walking can be so much fun too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog