Friday, 3 March 2017

A Trip To Naples, Italy

So it turns out that my Italian name is Catarina and I have to say, I'm quite a fan. 

I headed over to Naples in Italy for a long weekend during the last week of February. A good friend of mine teaches English over there and whilst I do wish that they weren't over a thousand miles away, I do appreciate that it gave me opportunity to explore an Italian city that I probably wouldn't have visited otherwise. 

We set off at midnight on Friday and headed to Stansted Airport. After a full day at work and no sleep in between, it wasn't an easy journey. I somehow managed a full 36 hours awake before I needed a 45 minute nap to prepare me for a night of drinking.

Whilst we were there, we visited the Catacombs, Castle Nuovo and Pompeii. I tried authentic Italian pizza and coffee, and experienced both the hustle and bustle of the day as well as the night life. What I loved about Naples it that of an evening, people congregate in the square for drinks. The drinking culture is definitely different to what it's like here in England and I think the Italians may be onto something.

Naples itself could do with a bit of a face lift with many buildings not being in the best condition, but it's something that I loved about it. Graffiti filled the sides of buildings, it was lived in and I definitely fell in love with it. 

Travelling home was not fun and I've 100% got post-holiday blues. Visiting Naples has left me not only wanting to go back again, but to travel and explore more and more places as well - and I'm genuinely considering leaving Birmingham behind for an extended period of time to do so.

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