Monday, 24 April 2017

Five Things I've Added To My Daily Routine

Is this what being an adult is like? No more staying up until the sun rises and actually being organised?

A Regular Sleeping Routine
From the first day I started my current job, I got myself sorted in terms of a good sleeping routine. Having worked in a bar beforehand and working shifts that were all over the place, I just slept when I could. Now, I go to bed around 10:30pm and wake up at around 6:00am and even get up fairly early at the weekend. I much prefer getting up pre-9am and have transformed from being a night owl to an early bird.

Morning Coffee
I used to hate coffee but now I rarely go a day without one. I have one every morning when I get into work and I find that it gives me that little boost and it results in me getting more work done.

Learning German
I never used to be bothered about learning another language. I did French from year 7-9 but that was about it and I didn't put all that much effort in either. However recently, I've started using duolingo to learn German and usually use it on the train to and from work and for a bit in the evening. I'm no where near what could be classed as good - or even alright - at German, but I'll get there eventually, hopefully.

Walking The Dog
My sister used to be chief dog walker, but now that's she off at uni, I've taken over the responsibility. Pretty much every evening after I've had my dinner, I take our dog on a walk. It's good for him, it's good for me and it's particularly lovely on a warm evening.

Preparing Breakfast & Lunch
To make my life ten times easier, each evening I prep my breakfast and lunch ready for the next day. It means no faffing about in the morning or having to go to the shop at lunch and spend money I don't want to spend.

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  1. I love learning german on duolingo. It's so easy and fun!

    1. I do think it makes it much less daunting doing it via an app, it's more like a game than a lesson x

  2. I've tried learning German before, but it's really very tricky! x

    1. It definitely doesn't seem like the easiest language to learn, that's for sure! x