Friday, 28 April 2017

Food Friday #15

I'm quite lazy when it comes to food, I simply can't be bothered to spend an hour cooking a meal that will be eaten in five minutes. However, after having the curry pictured above, it is worth it.  

An incredibly basic breakfast but one that's so underrated. Jam on toast is a great meal to start the day in my opinion - perfect with a cup of tea. (Please excuse my poor jam spreading abilities).

Some days you just fancy something simple and fresh and in those cases, this is what I usually have. It took about 5 minutes to prepare and was both delicious and filling. It's avocado, spinach, cucumber, red and green peppers, sweetcorn and lentils that I had with a big dollop of hummus.

I have to say, it's very handy having a sister who's into cooking. She made a Caribbean potato curry and happened to have one portion left over that she gave to me. I added chickpeas to it to bulk it up a bit and had it with basmati rice. It was delicious and I'll have to make sure I get the recipe from her.

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  1. Ooo that curry looks gorgeous! Nothing better than a big ol' salad like that for lunch as well!


  2. I know! Although I definitely don't eat salads like that as often as I should!