Monday, 8 May 2017

Turning 23

Nobody likes you when you're twenty three.

For a blogger, I can be utterly useless when it comes to taking photographs which is why there is very few in this post. I did plan on taking some specifically for a blog post but if I'm totally honest, alcohol and food got in the way.

Anyway, April 27th is the date on which I was born and this year I turned the ripe old age of twenty three. My birthday landed on a Thursday which was a bit crappy, because who wants a mid-week birthday really, but I actually had quite a nice day.

So the day itself was just a standard day at work, however the girls there were lovely enough to buy me a few sweet treats and we went out for lunch at Faro Lounge. I had my usual falafel burger along with a pint of cider and black because why not? On the evening, a few family members popped over and we just chilled and had a few cups of tea - and I may have treated myself to a few rum and cokes later on in the evening. My family and I went for a curry the following day - as a family of fussy eaters, it's the only food we can all agree on - and it was lovely, the food was good, the company was good, so I have no complaints. Finally on Saturday evening, my close friends, my younger sister and I got together and visited a few pubs in the area, I tried fireball whiskey for the first time and woke up the next day with a manageable hangover which is a success in my eyes.

On the Sunday - whilst it wasn't planned as a birthday thing, it just happened to be a few days afterwards so I'm counting it as a continuation of my birthday celebrations - my family and I went to see The Saw Doctors. It was a really great gig, they played all of our favourite songs and the two singers from the band even popped into the Irish Centre afterwards, which was where we were carried on drinking afterwards.

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