Tuesday, 25 July 2017

What I've Learned Being Vegan

Veganism and people's view of it has changed a lot over the last few years. 

I barely knew anything about veganism before I embraced the lifestyle myself. I wasn't aware of the many the food items that are accidentally vegan or on the flipside, the amount of brands that test on animals (thank god for Superdrug). Over the last four years, I've learnt as I've gone along.

It’s Easier Now Than Ever
I’ll have been vegan for four years this November and the increasing amount of vegan products that have become available over that time is astounding. Big retailers have really upped their game in providing vegan food for the masses and more and more vegan companies are appearing on the market. It just shows how many people are making the switch to veganism or at least cutting down on their meat and dairy intake in favour of plant based foods, and/or choosing cruelty free products. 

People Will Be Curious And Ask Questions
I get questioned all the time about my lifestyle with the main question being “so what do you eat?” If a person asking is genuinely interested, I will give them a roundup of the kinds of foods that feature in my diet, but overall – anything you can eat, I can eat vegan. I have seen people shocked when they find out certain things are 'accidentally vegan' and likewise that certain foods contain animal products - and which companies continue to pointlessly test on animals.

You’ll Probably Influence Others
I’ve seen people close to me go vegetarian, cut down on their animal product intake and introduce more cruelty free products into their lives. We can’t expect that everyone is going to go vegan, I just don’t see that happening in our life time, however every little helps and it’s great to see people making positive changes - no matter how small.

People Will Argue With You
With veganism comes plenty of room for arguments and debates, I myself have had plenty. It does get frustrating, especially when you’re literally just telling people facts and they clearly don’t want to hear it and dismiss what you’re saying. Luckily I love a healthy debate, but it does get tiresome eventually and sometimes you end up giving up because you lose energy to continue the conversation.

You’ll Become A Better Cook
This may not be the case for everyone because hello, vegan freezer food exist, but it is for me. I’m still nowhere near what could even be classed as a good cook and as I only have myself to cook for, I don’t go out of my way to put a whole lot of effort and create incredible meals (my sister can vouch for that). Before being vegan I used to live on beige oven cooked foods, now I only eat that when I’m in a rush or being lazy. I eat a lot more fresh foods and make things from scratch - my own pasta sauces rather than using jarred ones, I can make a pretty decent curry, etc. etc. 

You’ll Discover New Foods
I’ve tried so many foods now that I’d never had before going vegan. Avocado, lentils and chickpeas to name just a few never featured in my diet previously, but now they do, quite heavily in fact, as well as a whole load of other foods. Who was it that said veganism was limiting?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the rise of veganism in the mainstream and what it's taught you - if anything?

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  1. Do all your peers you mainly like to socialise with have the same vegan lifestyle, also would you only consider dating a fellow vegan?

    1. Very interesting questions because in fact, none of my friends are vegan and only two of them are vegetarian. And in terms of dating, my previous boyfriend was a meat-eater when we met, but after a few months became vegetarian. I don't think I would limit myself to only dating vegans, but I suppose it would help if they were open to the lifestyle.

  2. Yay congratulations on four years of veganism Catherine! I've been on the lifestyle for slightly over two years myself and even in that space of time finding vegan options has gotten SO much easier - vegan restaurants are everywhere and it's getting easier and easier to find vegan options in places that are tailored towards anyone. And if anything, I eat a bigger variety of foods now than I did when I was an omnivore! I seem to discover something new every day. Couldn't be happier about veganism becoming more mainstream and acceptable.

    maria | http://whatismaria.com

    1. I was going to say veganism is slowly but surely growing in popularity but really it's happening pretty quickly! It's great news! x

  3. Found this really interesting to read. My best friend is vegan and she's such a lovely, non-pushy kind of person that's it's encouraged me to try and do more research into things myself and now I'm considering going vegan to see how it changes how I feel. So far I'm vegan about 4 days a week so hopefully from there it shouldn't be too hard!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode