Friday, 4 August 2017

Food Friday #17

Apparently I add spinach to pretty much every meal I eat...

I always think making a smoothie bowl takes up too much time but in reality, it's such a quick meal to make. This was frozen banana and berries, spinach and soya milk blended up and topped with almonds, dates and oats. 

I finally got round to trying the now vegan Linda McCartney Pulled Pork Burgers. I had one on a baguette with cheese and spinach and it was utterly delicious. If you see them in store, I'd definitely recommend picking a pack up whether you're vegan or not.

I've really got into making curries recently and my go-to curry is a potato, chickpea and spinach. I whipped this up in around 45 mins from start to finish and served it with roasted vegetable rice. Easily my best curry yet. 

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  1. What camera do you use? Your pictures always look so clear and perfect ����

    1. It's just the camera on my phone, the Samsung s7! :) x

  2. Spinach is peng