Monday, 18 September 2017

A Trip To Birmingham, England

Having spent so much time in the city centre recently, I thought I may as well snap a few pics along the way.

It may seem a bit strange for me to do 'a trip to my hometown blog post' and these photos have definitely not all come from one afternoon there, but I wanted to show a bit of what Birmingham has to offer. Aside from three years in Southampton for university, I have lived in England's second city my whole life and I have a lot of love for it.

I think Birmingham gets a hard time, I understand the accent isn't the most pleasant in the world and if I could swap mine for a nice Irish one, I would. Alas that isn't going to happen so I'm stuck with it. When it comes to the city as a whole, there seems to be this negative perception of it, but I promise you that it's not as bad as it's made out to be.

I personally love this city, we have art and history, incredible restaurants, countless bars and pubs, loads of parks and more canals than Venice - although they may not be quite as pretty. I've spent many weekends in the city centre whether that be for shopping in the Bullring, spending a night in a pub/bar/club drinking too much rum, visiting a vegan-friendly restaurant or in my youth, hanging out in Pigeon Park - not something I'm particularly proud of but emo me loved it at the time.

My photography skills aren't quite good enough to really do the city justice, but I tried and that's the main thing.

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