Monday, 14 May 2018

Where To Eat Vegan In Berlin

Berlin is known for being a pretty great place for vegans to visit due to the abundance of vegan-friendly restaurants. After my recent trip there - which you can find here - A Trip To Berlin, Germany - I thought I'd share with you guys where I enjoyed eating.

Lily Burger & Steak - From the name of the restaurant, you wouldn't think it would be a great place for vegans. As it turns out though, it seems that their two main selling points are vegan food and steak. Bit of a mix bag really. I went for the Oldtimer vegan burger with a seitan patty which also came with ketchup, mayo, salad, a giant onion ring gherkin, tomato, etc. We shared a side of fries and I had a radler to drink because that's the closest to beer drinking I'll get. Good food, big portions and not too expensive either.

Wok To Walk - I first experienced Wok To Walk in Amsterdam and loved it. It's a really simple process to choose and order your food and you get exactly what you want in your dish. You choose your base (noodles, rice, veg, etc), your 'favourites, I went for tofu, mushrooms and broccoli, your sauce, and then any extra toppings. It's cooked fresh in front of you and comes out as quickly as you ordered it. It's always delicious in my experience with it and really great for a quick lunch on the go.

Starbucks - Starbucks over in Germany is hugely superior to the UK in terms of vegan options. I think I had Starbucks every morning for brunch and there was always a different option to try. The vegan falafel flatbread was particularly incredible and I have my fingers crossed it will make it to the UK sometime soon.

Dean and David - Making healthy food for on the go or to sit down to enjoy, I love Dean and David. I had the oriental wrap this time around, but I also tried the vegan grilled veg sandwich when I went over to Frankfurt last year. They offer simple, fresh food and they do delicious smoothies as well.

Veganz - It wouldn't have been a trip to Berlin without visiting Veganz - a highly recommended vegan supermarket with a food counter in-store. After spending way too much money on snacks, we sat down to have a grilled veg sandwich and share a delicious chocolate chip cookie.

Simela - We walked past this restaurant one of the days and clocked the word 'vegan' on the sign, so decided to check it out one evening. Offering freshly made pizzas, I opted for the vegetable pizza minus the cheese. It was so impressive that a guy sat at the table next to us asked what it was I was eating and ordered one for himself.

Soy - I can't remember the name of my dish, all I know is that it was a noodle dish and it was delicious. Possibly up there with one of the best meals I've ever eaten, I was fairly gutted to come to the end of it. It's simple food made brilliantly and I'll definitely head back there when I next go to Berlin.

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