Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Eating Vegan In Bratislava, Slovakia

Almost a month later and I'm still thinking about the food we ate in Bratislava.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

A Trip To Bratislava, Slovakia

We booked a trip to Bratislava, Slovakia on somewhat of a whim and last-minute basis, so we didn't have much time to research the city or plan an itinerary. (We usually make a loose itinerary to make sure we tick off everything we want to do).

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Saving For A House Deposit

My boyfriend and I have recently bought our first home, so I thought I'd share a few things I did to help save for my half of the deposit.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Eating Vegan In York, Yorkshire

Eating Vegan In York - Vegan burger and fries

From vegan breakfasts to generous portions of vegan junk food, York has plenty of gems if you're looking for somewhere to eat vegan.