Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Superdrug Beauty On A Budget

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When it comes to buying cruelty free, many people assume that means forking out on expensive brands, but that's definitely not the case. Just like anything there are expensive options, but you can easily shop cruelty free for a low price. Superdrug are particularly good at labelling their items as BUAV approved/vegetarian/vegan and are affordable, so they're always my first port of call for beauty items. I recently ordered a few things online, free postage for orders over £10 by the way, so I thought I'd share my purchases with you guys.

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Shower gel is of a must and luckily for me, I don't have particularly sensitive skin, meaning I can use pretty much any shower gel. Superdrugs are just 99p each and are currently on offer for £1.50. Both have a lovely smell, but the Strawberry and Raspberry is definitely my favourite.

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With summer on the way, but the sun currently still in hiding, I'm very pale and with a holiday approaching I want to get a bit of a base tan before I go. I've used gradual tanning body lotion in the past and found that the light-medium takes quite a lot of applications to give me a tan, so I've gone for the medium-dark skin one this time. I'll probably do a little review of this product in the near future to show the colour it gives. This cost me just £1.

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Due to being very lucky with my skin, I have to admit I can be quite lazy at times when taking care of it; cleanser and moisturiser of a night and a little of a morning and that's about it. In the last week or so, I've noticed my skin not looking as healthy as usual, so decided to order a few face masks. These are 99p each and are currently on offer as 3 for 2.

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I wash them quite often, as I hate the thought of having unclean hands, so when I'm out and about, anti-bacterial gel is a god send. This small bottle costs 99p and lasts for ages as only a few drops of the gel are needed at a time.

In total, this cost me £5.47, which is such a small amount of money for items which are necessary and will last for a long time. With the demand for cruelty free items increasing and stores improving their labelling of such items, it makes shopping so much easier and stress-free.
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