Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My Last Night In Birmingham

It's my last night in Birmingham before I go back to Southampton for my final year of University. Today was of course spent packing up my things and realising I probably have a lot more stuff than I actually need, but in between that, I also took a little trip to get myself a new laptop.
I got my old laptop when I was 16, so it's more than four years old now and for the last year, it's being putting up one hell of a fight to stay alive, so I thought it was time to let it go and get a new one, that I can trust not to break half way through writing my dissertation.

Okay, so I typed that paragraph about an hour ago and for the last hour I have been struggling to get my new, 'reliable' laptop to connection to the Internet. It's not actually my laptop's fault, it's the fact my room is the furthest away from the router and there is about five devices using the Wi-Fi in my house, but it just thought it was typical that my laptop was basically useless after I'd wrote that sentence.

Now, here I am sitting in the kitchen, which may I add is really cold, but I suppose I had better get used to being cold again with winter on it's way and the fact I'll be living in my student house again tomorrow, in which I barely use the heating to keep costs down. Cry.
(My dad has just left the back door wide open! Why is this happening to me!? It's so cold!)

Moving on, I'm both excited and nervous for my final year at uni. I can't wait to get back to Southampton, see my friends and be living with my house mates again, but then the final year of uni means that careers, growing up and being responsible is approaching rapidly. I'm still totally unsure of what I want to do after uni and I'm hoping my final year will help me figure something out, but even if it doesn't I still want to spend this year working hard to get my degree and also, having fun with my friends, because who knows where we will end up after uni. 

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