Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Living away from home

Living away from home can be difficult, away from your friends, family and the city you know so well.

I moved to Southampton to attend university in 2012 and I'm now in my final term of my third year. Splitting my time between two cities hasn't been the easiest of tasks. Having to pay more than I can afford and travelling for over three hours just to spend a weekend at home isn't ideal, but it is worth it to be reunited with those I love.

The main issue I have with it is I don't feel completely comfortable in either city now. Southampton isn't home and it never will be, while in Birmingham, when I'm there, half of my belongings are 150 miles away, my bedroom feels empty and I know in a short amount of time, I'll be back in Southampton, so I never get the chance to fully relax there.

After three years, I'm going to have to be completely honest and say, I'm looking forward to moving back to Birmingham. Who knows, I may end up moving away from there for work eventually, but at least then I will be in a permanent location, that doesn't have a time limit on when I have to leave.

I have very much enjoyed being at University, don't get me wrong. I've got to meet a whole new group of friends, who I don't doubt I'll stay in touch with once we all disperse across the country again. I've experienced living on my own, away from my parents home and it's helped me grow in both confidence and maturity. I've lived the cliché uni lifestyle, where I spent a lot of time going out with my friends, waking with up hangovers and wasting my money of things I didn't really need and a whole lot of junk food.

However, now at the grand old age of 20, I feel ready to settle. Now, I don't mean settling down in terms of a mortgage, getting married and having children, not at all, but what I mean is, having a permanent home, a stable job and more of a routine in my life. That doesn't mean I want a mundane life, I still want to go out into the world, travel and experience all that I can, I'm just a little bit sick of the 3 hour journey on a cramped and noisy train to and from Birmingham.

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