Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Vegan Life Magazine | January/February '15

Vegan Life Magazine Issue 3 is out now and honestly, it gets better with every issue I read.

Once again, this issue is filled to the brim with a range of interesting articles and temping recipes, but there was one particular article that caught my eye and it's that which I want to focus this post on.

As a vegan I am often asked how i live without certain food, usually chocolate, bacon and the main one, cheese. I did enjoy all of these foods before going vegan, but now I can honestly say I don't miss them. Why? Because I  cut them out of my diet at a rate that suited me, as well as staying focused on the bigger picture. 

"Habit change need to be done quietly, you see, like you're creeping around a sleeping tiger, step by step."

Don't feel pressured to jump into a diet change, many vegans didn't do that, but instead took it step by step, like myself. It took me 11 months to go from vegetarian to vegan, slowly replacing foods with vegan alternatives and it meant that it wasn't a shock to the system and I was able to get used to it slowly. 
'No more cheddar gorge' follows the writers process of removing cheese from their diet and includes their advice to others looking to do the same or similar. This article would be a great read  for anyone looking to change their diet/adopt a vegan diet, but find the idea a little bit daunting.

Once again, I loved reading Vegan Life and I'm pleased to hear that from Issue 5 onwards, it will be issued monthly. Go get yourself a copy!

Disclaimer: I was sent a digital copy of Vegan Life to review, nonetheless my opinions remain 100% honest.


  1. That's great news that it's going to be issued monthly! I really love reading mine when it gets delivered but always feel like it's quite a wait for the next issue, so yay :-)


    1. Haha, I feel the same way, so I was chuffed when I was told it's going to be monthly :) xx

  2. I'm not vegan but I'm also not supposed to eat dairy. ( I do though, Its hard!)
    Could you please tell me what they used as a cheese replacement in that article? Thanks!


    1. It didn't really discuss it, it was more based on changing diet habits.
      If you can't live without cheese, but should live without dairy, there are so many alternatives available. Tesco do their own free from cheese, as well as there being brands like Vegusto, Sheese, Violife, etc etc. You can pick them up in Holland and Barrett and independent health food stores :) xx

  3. Chocolate, bacon and cheese? I wonder who asked you about giving them up hah! xx