Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Vegan Life Magazine | May '15

I could tell Issue 5 of Vegan Life was going to be a good'un. I just love the colours and picture used on the cover.

With Summer on the way, so is my hay fever. Luckily, I don't suffer drastically, but watering, itchy eyes and a runny nose is never fun. I know a lot of people suffer with it and everyone has their own tips of how to combat it. I personally try to avoid allergy tablets unless I feel they're absolutely necessary and instead just try and ignore my stinging eyes. So, I was particularly happy to see some hay fever remedies at the end of the article. I'll definitely be taking them on board and trying them out. 

What's summer without a picnic, aye? My memories of picnics tend to include pretty boring sandwiches, but there is no way that is going to be happening again. I'm a big fan of sandwiches and think I could quite happily live off them, but these recipes have put mine to shame. Food should be full of colour and the Avocado, Cream Cheese, Beetroot and Rocket on Rye sandwich definitely delivers and looks absolutely divine. The Reuben sandwich has a few fillings I haven't tried before, but I definitely want to. I think a little food shop is in order.

I loved this issue of Vegan Life, the perfect read for a bank holiday evening. It's got me so excited for summer and maybe a little bit peckish as well.

Disclaimer: I was sent a digital copy of Vegan Life to review, nonetheless my opinions remain 100% honest.

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