Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Vegan Life Magazine | June '15

Hail Seitan! I think I need to try this wonder food that so many vegans are raving about.

Issue 6 of Vegan Life contained a great variety of articles and recipes this month, however there were two articles that stood out to me the most. 'Vegan Life Meets Karris McCulloch' and 'How Veganism Changed Out Lives'. Both articles were basically about what changed in peoples after going vegan, ranging from improvement in health to setting up a business. It was lovely to read both of them and great to see how veganism has had such a positive effect.

Now, I haven't set up my own business, although I'd really love to and I wouldn't say my health has improved dramatically, but that is because I've been lucky enough to have been in good health for the majority of my life, but veganism has had a huge impact on my life and how I live. Not only do I eat and buy vegan, but I am much more compassionate, concious of the environment and generally just a happier person.

As ever, I loved reading Vegan Life Magazine and thoroughly recommend you give it a read. Also, check out The Vegan Kind. I used to subscribe until my student loan wouldn't stretch that far - boohoo but I'll definitely be re-subscribing once my bank balance is looking a bit healthier.

Disclaimer: I was sent a digital copy of Vegan Life to review, nonetheless my opinions remain 100% honest.


  1. I love hearing about how people's diet choices have affected their lives overall. I'm a vegetarian and my brother and his fiance are both vegans, and it really does make a difference to they way you see the world! I'm very impressed that you've gone vegan as a student, as it can't be easy! x

    1. Thanks, I found it surprisingly easy tbh, I think once you're dedicated to doing something, nothing can stop you :) x