Monday, 21 September 2015

Vegan Life Magazine | September '15

I usually pick out two articles in Vegan Life to write about in my reviews, but I really struggled this month, there was too many great articles to choose from! I did manage to decide on my two favourites eventually, so I hope you like them as well.

Vegan Life have a lovely little feature called 'The Accidental Vegan', which showcases various items which just so happen to be vegan. It's so handy as it allows you to discover items are suitable for a vegan lifestyle that you might not have thought would be. It also displays just how easy it is to be vegan/have a plant based diet. I myself have experienced people be surprised when they see me eating certain items, because they assume a vegan diet is limiting and that there aren't many options available out there for us to eat, but they couldn't be more wrong. Not only are more and more foods and drinks being released onto the market that are specifically suitable for vegans, but there is also a huge variety that aren't meant to be vegan, they just accidentally are. Alongside Vegan Life's accidentally vegan items, I've added a few of my own favourites. I realised after selecting all the items that they're all what you would call 'junk food' (woops) but oh well, just goes to prove vegans don't just survive on carrots and lettuce. Also, That Kraken Rum goes great with coke and some ice, but remember, 18+ only. 

I found this debate incredibly interesting and was implored to write up my own opinion on the matter. Leather or not. Should vegans wear second hand leather? Both the yes and no responses had thought provoking answers, which could possibly make you reconsider your view on the leather debate. Personally, I'm mostly in the 'no' camp, as I do think there can be exceptions. I still own leather items from my pre-vegetarian/vegan days, these include a pair of Doc Martens for instance. I bought my docs about 5 years ago and they are my work shoes. Of course I feel incredibly hypocritical wearing leather, but for me it's a case of not being able to afford to buy a replacement just yet, however I do plan on doing so as soon as I can. 

I would never go out and buy something leather, brand new or second hand. Buying brand new, of course is adding to the demand for leather and buying second hand is almost them same in my eyes. To buy second hand leather, means taking that leather item away from a non-vegan, who many have bought it otherwise and this could consequently lead to them buying a new leather item, therefore adding to the demand.

I'd be really interested in other people's views on the leather debate, so please do leave me a comment and let me know. Also, if you have any favourite accidentally vegan items, please do share!

Disclaimer: I was sent a digital copy of Vegan Life to review, nonetheless my opinions remain 100% honest.


  1. The leather debate really is an interesting one! I'm not vegan but I am veggie and edging towards a vegan lifestyle slowly, and recently I've been questioning my choices as in the past I've thought buying second hand leather was fine, but nowadays not so much, mainly because if I'm not happy eating animals, why is wearing them any different, second hand or not? I've been after a new pair of boots recently and I've really struggled to find a suitable non-leather pair! Like you, I have a pair of leather Doc Martens but I'll be keeping them until they've seen better days, and then when the day comes to replace them I'll opt for a non-leather option – much like my choice to use up but not repurchase any non-CF make up I had when choosing to transition to CF cosmetics.

    A great post from you, as ever! I really do love your little blog and learning more about your veganism :)

    Robyn x

  2. Yeah, I don't like throwing things away so I'd rather replace when they're worn out and thank you very much! x