Friday, 2 October 2015

Food Friday #5

This week has been a 'quick and easy' meals week for me. While it's not exactly awful because the food I eat is pretty healthy anyway, I have decided I really do need to up my game diet wise and get those greens in.

I ran out of oats, cry, so had to opt for something different for breakfast. Nothing too exciting however, it was just two Weetabix biscuits with Coconut milk, topped with desiccated coconut and chopped banana. Weetabix is a favourite of mine though and while I'm not looking forward to cold winter mornings, having it warm will make them a little more bearable 

This was technically a breakfast for me, however I didn't eat it until midday and I do see it as more of a lunch meal, so I'm using it as my lunch option this week. It's just half an Avocado mashed up with chopped Spring Onions and Black Pepper on Wholemeal Bread.

Now, don't be fooled. This may look like I spent a reasonable amount of time in the kitchen making this, but I did not. This was made in about five minutes max. It's just some microwavable Pilau Rice and Asda Good & Balanced Curried Chickpeas, which take two minutes to cook in the microwave. I'd never tried the curried chickpeas before and to me they were a little bland/lacking something so I just added some chopped Spinach, Garlic granules and Paprika to the dish and it was much better then. I wasn't expecting big, bold flavours from a £1.50 microwave pack, so I'm not too bothered and I'd probably buy them again as they're so convenient and handy when you're not in the mood to cook.

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