Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Vegan Life Magazine | November '15

Vegan Life always has some yummy looking food on the cover, it always makes me feel hungry.

This short article about You're So Vegan, who aspire 'to offer a comprehensive collection of vegan designer apparel and accessories to suit every style and occasion.' was great. Not only did it introduce me to another company I can buy from, but it was started to prove that you can be vegan and fashionable. Sadly, there is still a stereotype surrounding how vegan dress, but companies like YSV are helping to dispel those. I mean, look at the coat, I think I've fallen in love. 

I loved reading 'Keep Calm and Date A Vegan', because it's something I can definitely relate to. Before meeting my boyfriend, I did wonder how being a vegan could affect potential relationships, would people be put off by it, thinking I'm 'weird' or it would be too much hard work on the whole dinner situation. 

I was lucky in that when I met my boyfriend and he found out I was vegan, he just asked me questions about it and genuinely seemed interested. To begin with then we first got together, food could be a bit of an issue and I remember just having chips and toast while at his house, but that was mostly due to me not wanting to be an inconvenience. Gradually, we started cooking together and more often than not my boyfriend would end up eating a vegan meal with me. 

Fast forward to 10 months later and he has been vegetarian for 8 months. Before you think it, I never made him go vegetarian, he decided to do so himself, but of course I supported and encouraged his decision.

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