Monday, 11 July 2016

June Favourites

Just to go along with the typical chatter on these favourite posts. How is it July already? This year is flying by and I'm honestly already starting to think about Xmas presents (I like to start getting things early on), before I've even been on a summer holiday!

I've had the same straighteners for about six or seven years. I wasn't using them for ages, but recently when I started to straighten my hair again I realised just how rubbish they were, so I bought these ones from Amazon. They are really affordable as well as being good quality.

I've had this Pacifica perfume since Xmas and lately I've been using it more often. With it being a blood orange scent, it's obviously quite fruity smelling, which is great for summer (what we've had of a summer anyway)

Not long ago I wrote blog posts about the Lotil Cream and Skincere range, so for more in-depth reviews, check out those posts. To put it simply, they have both become part of my everyday skin care routine and I really like them.

The shirt is one I picked up at a vintage fare in Manchester the other week. It's definitely oversized, but because of that is makes a great lightweight jacket and I've been wearing it probably too much over the last few weeks.

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