Monday, 26 September 2016

Cranked Cycle Cafe Launch Party

Gibb Street, Digbeth is home to the newest coffee place to hit the city.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party of Cranked Cycle Cafe, which I would have happily gone to anyway, but with the promise of vegan cakes and rum, how could I resist? 

Cranked Cycle Cafe, as you may have worked out from the name, isn't just a cafe, but is a bicycle repair and custom builds shop as well. Talk about coffee with a difference.

The cafe is located in the perfect place, being just a  quick walk from the busy hustle and bustle of Birmingham city centre - the ideal place to grab a cup of coffee after a day of shopping.

Upon entering the cafe, I fell in love with the decor straight away, high ceilings, white walls and a eclectic mix of art, ornaments and the odd floating bike. They specialise in fixed gear bikes, parts and accessories, but have a pretty good understanding of all things cycling and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Along with the bike aspect of the cafe, there is also a boutique store that is filled with a huge variety of pieces from incredible artwork (I was eyeing up that skull painting) to marvel figurines. The main event of course is the cake though and I was lucky enough to be saved the last piece of vegan chocolate brownie. Apparently people had gone crazy for them, which is a testament of how good there are anyway, but in my personal opinion, it was the best brownie I've had and I promise I'm not being over the top by saying that. My boyfriend also raved about the Lemon and Blueberry drizzle.

The launch party itself was a hit, with the tables filled with people happily sipping on Sailor Jerry's rum and coke, a can of Blondies beer or for those who weren't in the drinking mood, a cup of their delicious coffee, while others browsed the cafe eyeing up things to purchase.

I'll definitely be making another visit too Cranked Cycle Cafe in the near future and if you're ever in the city, I'd recommend that you do too.

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