Monday, 23 January 2017

Where To Eat Vegan In Bali

In November last year, I went off to Ubud, Bali for two weeks. Being the only vegan of the group, I thought I'd struggle quite a bit to find nice vegan food and not end up with a dry salad, but as it turns out, I was wrong.

Before going, I memorised how to say 'I don't eat meat, dairy or eggs' in Indonesian, but as it turns out, I didn't need to say that even once. 1. A lot of people in Bali speak fairly good English. 2. Vegan is a term a lot of people are familiar with there and 3. There were a lot more vegan restaurants than I was expecting there to be. As I said, I was the only vegan of the group, so there were a few non-vegan/veggie restaurants that we ate at, but they were really good at catering for vegans. A lot of the vegetarian meals were vegan anyway and if not, there was usually one or two things on the menu that could be made vegan.

Overall, eating in Bali was a breeze, apart from one awful restaurant anyway - but considering we ate out for almost every meal, one restaurant out of many isn't bad going.

This is just a small amount of the vegan/veggie-friendly restaurants Bali has to offer, there are plenty more, but these particular ones were the ones I visited and really liked. 

Moksa, Ubud - A little bit more pricey than other places we went, but well worth it. I had dahl as a starter and I could have happy eaten it for my next two courses as well. 

Earth Cafe, Ubud - Despite the meal only coming with a small handful of chips, I was definitely happy with this restaurant and the other girls liked it as well. The burger was delicious but the raw carrot cake was the star of the show.

Sage, Ubud - Sage was in an ideal place not far from where we were staying. I ended up eating there three times because their tofu sandwich was so damn good. They also make the nicest banana bread and we ended up getting a few packs to have as breakfast/snacks.

The Shady Shack, Canggu - I had a burger, incredible potatoes and a chocolate milkshake, yet still found room for one of the desserts from their selection.

Clear Cafe, Ubud - The milkshakes alone are enough of a reason to visit in my opinion, but their food is good too. We all wanted to revisit to try out more from the menu, but sadly we ran out of time.

Watercress Cafe, Ubud - Breakfast/brunch here was incredible and we went back a couple of times afterwards. Avocado on toast will always win me over. 

Taco Casa, Ubud - When we couldn't be bothered to go out for food, Taco Casa was our saviour. Delivering Mexican food straight to our door, their guacamole is up there with some of the best I've tried. 

Atman Kafe, Ubud - With a huge menu to choose from, we had milkshakes, falafel wraps and a caramel slice to go. 

If you've visited any of these restaurants, let me know what you though of them!

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