Monday, 22 May 2017

Another Trip To Naples, Italy

Another trip to Naples and this time I was flying solo.

I used to be a pretty terrible traveller. I would stress myself out thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong, I'd turn up for trains/buses/planes ridiculously early 'just in case' and I never imagined I would have the confidence to travel 1500 miles on my own. Well, I proved myself wrong.

Last weekend, after two coaches, a flight and a bus journey, I arrived in Napoli centre on Saturday morning. I went to Naples in February for a long weekend with a few friends, but this time I was meeting my friend over there. Having done all the touristy things last time, this was more a social visit. Staying in Pomigliano, we visited a few bars and drank a fair amount of aperol spritz, I had what I would say was the best pizza I've ever tasted and one pub even had a vegan section on the menu so I had a chip and vegan sausage panini which, whilst a pretty basically combination, was bloody delicious. We caught the last few minutes of the sunset from the room of the building, had a bit of night out and ended by the sea front and went for the odd coffee here and there.

We of course went into Naples centre a couple of times as well. Taking it easy, we sat by the sea sipping on yet more aperol and enjoyed the beautiful weather before wandering around the city and heading back home.

No part of me wanted to board the plane home, from what I've experienced of Italy, it is a beautiful country and the people there are incredibly lovely. I may have already been to the same place twice in three months, but I wouldn't hesitate to book a flight over there again.

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  1. Napels looks so beautiful! And well done travelling on your own. The first time is always so scary :)

    1. Aha, thank you! I am quite proud of myself for it ;) x