Friday, 7 July 2017

Food Friday #16

Visiting an old favourite and discovering a new one. 

Oats are always my go-to breakfast, but I do like to change things up a little bit with different toppings. As it was Sunday morning when I had this, I had a little more time to make it so I went for bananas, strawberries and raspberries to add some sweetness.

Shout out to 3 Three's in Birmingham city centre for always being there when I need lunch on the go. I go almost every time I'm in town and I always opt for a panini and caramel latte. This time around I had the chicken and mozzarella style one, along with a pack of Ten Acre BBQ crisps. You can read my full review of 3 Three's here.

I visited The Stable for the first time recently. Located on John Bright St, it offers pizza, pies and a whole host of different ciders. They have a specific vegan menu with four pizza, two salads and one side. I ordered The Hazel Nutter and garlic bread side and both were utterly delicious. I'd highly recommend making a visit if you have one nearby.

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