Monday, 23 April 2018

A Trip To Worcester, Worcestershire

A little day trip to Worcester for a wander around and some delicious vegan food.

With no real plan of what to do for the day, we decided to hop on the train to Worcester and just see what happened from there. After an hour-long train journey and taking a much longer route than necessary to get to the centre of town, we were in Worcester.

Pretty much heading straight to Worcester Cathedral, it's an absolutely beautiful building. The choir sang as we walked around marvelling at the decor and reading about the history of the cathedral. Luckily it was a dry day so we strolled around the grounds as well, before heading to get a drink. We stumbled upon The Plough, a traditional pub with a selection of local ciders and perry. It was just warm enough to sit outside in the beer garden, which was handy as it's pretty small inside, and google somewhere to go for lunch.

I happened to find a place called The Firefly, and wow am I glad I did. Just a ten-minute walk from where we were, it's a 100& plant-based pub with the most delicious food. Honestly some of the tastiest food we've ever tried. We both had the classic seitan burger and shared popcorn seitan and mac & cheese topped fries. I'd highly recommend anyone within a reasonable distance take a trip to visit there, you won't regret it. Suitably full, we headed back into the centre of Worcester where we browsed a few shops for a while but restrained from buying anything before heading back to Birmingham.

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  1. Ah what a fabulously spontaneous day! I love those! Just getting in the car and heading off somewhere. Glad you had a fab time!
    Debs @

    1. Thanks! Yeah, spontaneous days are the best! x