Monday, 16 April 2018

Best Places To Eat Vegan In Birmingham, UK

I can't begin to count the number of times I've been out in the city centre and unable to think of somewhere to get food. Despite what some might think, that definitely isn't down to a lack of options, it's more so due to having too many to choose from.

I haven't done a post like this since 2016 so I thought it was about time for an update. I eat out in Birmingham city centre fairly often and like visiting a mix of independent and chain restaurants. I don't like spending too much either so all of the places on this list will be fairly affordable.

Fressh* is a fairly new addition to Birmingham and a much-welcomed one in my opinion. Being able to grab a delicious burger and chips on the go is the dream that's become a reality.

*Fressh has unfortunately since closed down. However, I did read somewhere that they may be opening up in a different location so watch this space!

The Stable is known for pizza, pies and cider and unlike a lot of eateries, they don't just have one token vegan option. They have four vegan pizzas, and my personal favourite is the hazel-nutter.

Wagamama is a totally new one for me. I never even considered going there until they launched their vegan menu and since then, I've been a fair few times. I always order the Kare Burosu with a peach iced tea, but one day I'll branch out and try a different dish, maybe.

3 Threes is a place I've mentioned a few times on my blog now. It's right in the centre of the city and is great if you fancy anything from a hot dog and a scoop of ice cream to just a coffee or a slice of cake.

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  1. I'm not vegan, but I do enjoy eating vegan food. This looks lovely!
    Debs @

  2. If you haven't been yet, definitely try Not Dogs! While they don't have specific vegan options on the menu, so many of their things can be made vegan upon request. Tried the Original Frank (minus cheese sauce) there the other week and it changed my world.

    1. I went there ages ago not long after it first opened but I definitely need to visit it again!