Saturday, 12 May 2018

"I'll Make Tiny Changes To Earth" - Scott Hutchison

The disappearance and passing of Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit have consumed my thoughts ever since I found out. I am devastated.

My love for Frightened Rabbit first began when I accidentally stumbled upon one of their songs on YouTube. It was 'Floating in the Forth', from that moment on, it was on repeat. 

At some point, though I can't quite remember when, I decided to listen to more from Frightened Rabbit. I think at this point they had released Sing the Greys, The Midnight Organ Fight and A Winter of Mixed Drinks. I immediately fell in love with each and every song. Scott's imperfectly perfect voice singing lyrics with true meaning behind them, that quite often, I could relate to.

I first saw Frightened Rabbit perform in 2012/13 at a small venue in Portsmouth. I travelled in from Southampton where I was at university and staying until the end of their show meant missing the last train home. So a night sleeping on a friend of a friend's floor happened and it was 100% worth it to see the band I love so dearly. 

For the years that followed, Frightened Rabbit's music was and still is, somewhat of a soundtrack to my life. In good times and in bad, their music has been a constant. Keeping me company during long journeys, singing me to sleep on what would have otherwise been sleepless nights, and generally being played at any other opportunity. Struggling with my own mental health, I found comfort in their music. I'm wasn't alone in the way I was feeling, none of us are alone.

I last saw Frightened Rabbit perform in Manchester, on their 10th-anniversary tour for The Midnight Organ Fight. At the front of the crowd, it was an incredible show. As ever, the band poured their heart into the performance and it was one of their best. 

A photo I had taken that night was reposted onto the band's Instagram account and as a result, Scott himself created and sent me a card to thank me for allowing them to use the photo. That card, along with the tour posters I've collected, the setlist and guitar pick I managed to nab at the Manchester show, the couple of FR t-shirts I own, the tattoo I proudly have on my side and have done for over five years now and most importantly, their incredible music, are things I will cherish even more so now. 

Frightened Rabbit may be 'just another band' to some, but to many, they were/are a lifeline. Countless messages from people thanking Scott and his lyrics for saving them, helping them through tough times, and just generally creating beautiful pieces of music have poured in since the news of his disappearance and then his passing. 

Scott had a great talent for songwriting and he used the pain he was feeling and the struggles he was going through to create songs that resonated with thousands of people. 

It's safe to say I am heartbroken. Someone I have admired for many years has passed away. Taking his own life after helping to save so many others. I can only hope that Scott is at peace now and that his family and friends, along with his fans, who love him so dearly, find comfort in the fact that he was so loved and admired and that his music will be cherished. 

Frightened Rabbit and Scott Hutchison do, and always will hold a special place in my heart.

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